Category: REPAIRS

  • Rear wall Sanctuary gets new shingles.

    They were very tired old shingles that came off easily.Seth Gauley did the wall around the corner a few years ago and returned to tackle this high wall.Shingle by shingle the wall turned gold.Finished Wednesday practically in the dark.Thank you, Seth.  The photographs don’t quite capture how high that peak is.


    Work by Seth Gauley. Before:  Shingles falling off wall.  Wrinkled surface.   The back is yet to be done but looks the same.                 Close up of stripped wall.   Antique horizontal boards.   SHINGLES STRIPPED HORIZONTAL SIDING “Tyvek” applied NEW SHINGLES, READY TO PAINT.

  • Painting the Parsonage

    December 23, 2015:   Doug Shine has finished stripping and patching the upstairs.  Is starting on downstairs.  Prime and paint to come.  The Parsonage will be fresh and clean for what comes in June.

  • Steeple and Cross Repair Completed

    Steeple repaired, scraped and painted.  No leaks!  Cross gilded and reattached to top of spire with new bracket.  Below are photographs of the cross being replaced. New base of cross. Steeple repaired, scraped and painted.  New wood on bell chamber and roof at base sealed.  Cross repaired and new bracket constructed to replace it on…

  • Steeple and Cross Repairs begin

    September 8 at 7:30 Francis Allard and John Leecock arrived to begin work on steeple restoration.  Remember Lia Kahler’s concert “Spirit Song”  on Sunday at 3  to raise funds for this project. The riggers access the roof. Frank shows John the cross.  They will take it home with them for repairs. Francis Allard measures for…

  • Cross and steeple Repair to begin

    It all began with hurricane “Sandy”.  The cross took a dramatic lean to the East.  Before it could fall Mark Clements brought over his equipment and Roy Riley rode up to the heavens and took down the cross. Now  it is time to repair the cross and do some overdue maintenance on the upper part…

  • Cross Repair begun!

    The Saturday before Easter, a bright blue afternoon for taking down the dangling cross. Roy Riley and Mark Clements arrived with Mark’s truck. Roy starts the ride up. Slowly, adjusting so he won’t knock the steeple…. He reaches the top.. The cross is loose enough to pull off. The ride down begins.  He can see…

  • New Door for Universal Access

    The old door was rotted. Painting the new one, being sure that the bottom is sealed.

  • Church buys new furnace for sanctuary.

    Here’s a photo of the heat exchange on the old furnace that had to be replaced. Brennan and Co.  installed the new one.