Organizational Chart


Church committees may be added and existing committees may be split or combined to suit the needs of the Chilmark Community Church, provided the permanent committees remain to function as described in the bylaws. Committee descriptions may be revised except those functions outlined in the bylaws. 

Executive Board are the Officers of the Church: 

President –serve as chair of all Executive Board, Church Council, and Congregational Meetings. 

Vice President –assume the duties of the President in the President’s absence or inability to act 

Secretary – responsible for the Executive Board, Church Council, and Congregational Meeting minutes; work with the Administrative Records Committee to ensure the preservation of the minutes 

Treasurer –receive and hold all income; make expenditures for bills not in excess of the budget unless authorized by the Council; oversee the original restrictions of gifts and bequests 

Church Council 

Executive Board plus committee chairs. All members present may vote at Church Council meetings, except when it is necessary to meet in executive session. 

  • Vacancies arising on the Executive Board between annual meetings may be filled by a vote of the Church Council 
  • Other duties outlined in the bylaws and this Organizational Chart 


Everyone is encouraged and is welcome to join a committee, but the chair of each committee must be a member of the church. Officers of the Church shall not chair a committee. Each committee shall make a report to the Annual Meeting. 


  • Assist the pastor to provide meaningful worship. 
  • Prepare the sanctuary for worship, including communion, the altar, and needed technology. 
  • Promote and oversee the Christian education program for all ages of the church. Recruit and oversee teachers and leaders of education. 
  • Support local and global missions. 
  • Manage all publicity and other communications, with the Pastor. 
  • Organize and promote fellowship events for the Church and community. 


  • Supervision and oversee the care of all real property owned by the CCC and all property and equipment acquired/rented by the CCC. 
  • Maintain a list of maintenance contractors to contact for regular repairs and upkeep. 
  • Recommend providers for SPRC to contract for major repairs or capital expenditures. 
  • Develop and update policy and fees for use of Church property. 
  • Schedule building and ground use. 
  • Maintain the church calendar. 


  • Fulfill the role of a personnel committee. 
  • Hire staff. 
  • Renew contracts. 
  • Conduct annual reviews of Pastor and other staff. 
  • Mediate conflicts that may arise within the Church (members, pastor, staff). 


  • Treasurer shall be a member of the Finance Committee and shall not serve as chair. 
  • Adopt procedures for handling funds responsibly, ensuring timely deposit of all receipts. 
  • Supervise the annual audit of the CCC. 
  • Annually complete a church budget for review and approval at the Annual Meeting, considering budget requests from each committee. 
  • Shall review, annually, the adequacy of the property and liability insurance coverage for the church and its officers. 
  • Review church investments, at least quarterly, to serve the current needs of the church and preserve the value of the existing portfolio. 
  • Monitor the annual operating budget through, at least, a quarterly review. 
  • Issue annual tax acknowledgment letters. 


  • Develop and implement fund raising plans that will raise sufficient income to meet the annual adopted budget as well as any capital improvements needed. 
  • Manage fundraising activities. 
  • Manage any pledge campaigns. 


It is anticipated this committee will work closely with an administrative assistant, should such a position be filled. 

  • Maintain historical records (baptisms, weddings, etc.). 
  • Keep the church directory, with accurate records of the congregation including contact information. 
  • Facilitate transfers of membership. 
  • Review the list of Covenant and Associate Members. Update the membership lists in keeping with the bylaws and encourage participation of members who are not attending. 
  • With the pastor, manage correspondence when necessary. 
  • With the Secretary, ensure the preservation of the minutes. 
  • Ensure the preservation of significant reports, including the annual audit. 

NOMINATING COMMITTEE – permanent committee 

The Church Council shall appoint at least two people to the Nominating Committee. 

  • Put forth a slate of Executive Board positions whose terms have ended to be approved at the Annual Meeting. Nominations may also be made from the floor of the Annual Meeting. 
  • Recruit committee membership. 
  • Review and compile committee membership to present at the annual meeting. 

SEARCH AND CALL COMMITTEE – permanent committee 

When a pastoral vacancy or anticipated vacancy occurs, a Congregational Meeting shall, upon recommendation of the Church Council, elect a Search and Call Committee to seek a candidate to fill the position. 

  • Recommend an interim Pastor, if needed, for approval at a Congregational Meeting. 
  • Search for and review candidates. 
  • Review the findings of the search with the Church Council. 
  • Define details of employment of the Pastor in an employment contract, to present to the Church Council for review and approval prior to the Congregational Meeting. 
  • Recommend Pastoral candidate to a Congregational Meeting for vote.