Community Suppers


Pizza Night resumes April 2nd at 6pm.

No Pizza Night on April 23rd because of the Town Meeting

Pizza Night at the Chilmark Community Church is an informal meal without scripture where the community at large can gather for camaraderie and food.

They start at 6pm with pizza, pot luck salads, desserts  and conversation followed by Bananagrams for those who want a game.  It’s free and all are welcome.

Pizza nights are held in the “shoulder seasons” April – Mid May and Mid-September – Mid November. 

Poem inspired by Pizza Night, written by Heather Goff

Pizza night at the Chilmark church Is free
A bold new sign casts a wide net
for the lonely or hungry traveler
or at loose ends, like myself 
arriving punctually at 6pm

To find the volunteers ready with smiles
The folded tables and chairs
opened like arms awaiting a hug
The slaw, salads (bean and potato) dressed in their Sunday best

The milling increases by ones and twos
The pizza is late but on its way 
so Grace is quickly offered
as appetites sharpen in anticipation 
of its triumphant entrance – The boxes still warm
set out with the ease of much practice

We cluck and gather
filling paper plates and choosing chairs
filling the tables with avid chewing 
and layers of stories that meld 
like lasagna familiar and comforting 

The crust is flavorful – thin and crunchy
I go back for seconds 
Then a casual shuffle occurs
As sweets appear
The coffee pot presiding

Amidst bites of brownies
surfaces are swept clean 
in preparation for the final course
Banana grams

Belts and manners loosen
as players joke and poke 
and apply themselves to their puzzles
with great concentration

Until everyone that wants to win 
has been gifted the opportunity
And at an unspoken cue
like a flock lifting in synchronicity 

all is folded and cleared
The room once again holding its breath
as we walk out to our transport
filled up and content