Cross Repair begun!

The Saturday before Easter, a bright blue afternoon for taking down the dangling cross.


Roy Riley and Mark Clements arrived with Mark’s truck.

Mark had to tell Roy how to operate the boom.

Roy starts the ride up.

Slowly, adjusting so he won’t knock the steeple….

He reaches the top.. The cross is loose enough to pull off.

The ride down begins.  He can see water in every direction.  Can he remember which knob controls which part of the boom?

With Roy down safely, Mark puts the truck to bed.

Mark Clements on his truck. THANK YOU, MARK!

Look for the next installment:  Repairing the Old Copper Cross.

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  1. Hi Working close to god again. Someone saw the cross at my barn after I got home and said we must be doing something right to have that at our home this weekend. Glad to be down here with the earthlings

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