Space Available for Meetings, Classes, Receptions

Our “new” Parish Hall  is an  inviting space with lots of natural light and hardwood floors.  It has served as a good space for yoga classes, a variety of meetings, and receptions. The main room has recessed folding dividers if three small spaces are desired. A small, non-commercial kitchen and a generous reception area plus a large patio open up from the main room. The main room can seat approximately 40-45 people. There is universal access.

Email us at or   Pam Goff at   to discuss availability.  See below for fees.


WEDDINGS and Memorial Services $250.00 Church

100.00 Sexton

Honorarium Minister

ALL OTHER Dependent on size, duration, and clean-up requirements


(Sanctuary or Parish Hall) $100.00-300.00

SEXTON $50.00-100.00

CLASSES (yoga, etc) non-profit $20-30 per session

For profit $25-35 “ “


Chilmark Community Church

9 Menemsha Crossroad, Chilmark, MA 02535



 The Chilmark Community Church is pleased to offer limited use of its facilities to qualified community oriented groups. Please submit an application in writing to the Board of Trustees of the church.

So that the space we provide to you can be maintained and made ready for those who follow you, we ask that you carefully observe the following.

This is a non-smoking property.

  1. Please leave the building clean. Brooms, mops and cleaning supplies are in the janitors closet.
  2. Tables, chairs and any other furniture moved must be reset as you found it. Do not drag furniture over the hard wood floors.
  3. The kitchen must be left clean, all trash and garbage removed from the building, all dishes washed and put away. No dishes are to be left in the dish drain or in the dish washer. No food is to be left in the refrigerator.
  4. We have composting toilets and must limit their use, and ensure that they are used properly. There are directions posted in each rest room. Please accompany children under five years of age.
  5. When leaving the building the person in charge is responsible for turning back the thermostat, turning off all lights, closing all windows, and locking all doors.
  6. Report any problems to the church office immediately.
  7. The church is pleased to offer this space for modest fees depending on the size of the group. Dependent on the use an additional cleaning fee will be charged. You are responsible for any damage.

Board of Trustees

Chilmark Community Church


Group requesting meeting space _____________________________________________

Dates ________________ Days of the week __________________ Times ____________

Size of the group ___________ Adults _________ Children _________

Purpose for using the space _________________________________________________


Person in charge __________________________ Phone number ___________________