Rev. Dr. Charlotte Wright, Interim Minister

Rev. Charlotte is a familiar face around the Island. She and her husband Don moved to Martha’s Vineyard in 2016 and many of you may have met her during her 2 years as Chilmark Community Church’s minister in 2017 – 2019, her 2.5 years serving as interim minister at The Federated Church in Edgartown from 2020 – 2022, and since she has returned to lead Chilmark in September 2022.. For almost 30 years, she has served as an ordained UCC minister in church settings in CT, MA and AZ and her professional call has been as an Intentional Interim Minister working with churches experiencing transitions and pastoral change. 

The extent of her knowledge of religion and ministry is significant and covers a broad range of “big picture” issues, and administrative and technical skills. Through her ministerial work she has pastored in a wide range of church settings, as well as to individuals with diverse backgrounds. In these changing times, both inside and outside the church, it is very important that all voices are encouraged and invited to the table. As the church works toward the future it needs to have active conversations around 3 main questions – “who are we as a church, who is our neighbor and what is God calling us to be and do today?” Charlotte and Don currently live in the Parsonage adjacent to the church.

Sean McMahon, Music Minister

We welcomed a new Music Minister to the Chilmark Church in the early summer 2023. Sean McMahon has been a friend of the church since he arrived on MV in 2016 – he has accompanied us for Sunday worship at times and played at our Offering of Music and Light. He is a very talented island musician, teacher, and songwriter of guitar, piano and organ music and we are very excited to see where his musical gifts lead us. 

Sean is a husband, father, and has strong Catholic roots. He is a graduate of the New England Conservatory of Music where he majored in Contemporary Improvisation with a focus on jazz, world, and early sacred music theory and composition. A former Baptist preacher with a passion for theology, over the years McMahon has shared his gifts in a variety of faith contexts as an ecumenical missionary of the Church.