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Cross Repair begun!

The Saturday before Easter, a bright blue afternoon for taking down the dangling cross.


Roy Riley and Mark Clements arrived with Mark’s truck.

Mark had to tell Roy how to operate the boom.

Roy starts the ride up.

Slowly, adjusting so he won’t knock the steeple….

He reaches the top.. The cross is loose enough to pull off.

The ride down begins.  He can see water in every direction.  Can he remember which knob controls which part of the boom?

With Roy down safely, Mark puts the truck to bed.

Mark Clements on his truck. THANK YOU, MARK!

Look for the next installment:  Repairing the Old Copper Cross.

Roof repairs, Saturday, December 17,2011

Roof repairs have begun to ensure that the new sanctuary ceiling doesn’t have new water damage.  The roof is 22 years old and is showing signs of wear.

Tearing off the old.



The south  roof is stripped and the ice and water barrier(better than roofing paper) applied.

Description: “Strip off all old shingles down to roof “sheathing”; apply Ice and water barrier over entire roof area, apply 8 inch white aluminum drip edge along all fascia.
Use Lifetime architectural shingles applied to manufacturer’s specifications.
Total roof area :2800 square feet.
All demo material loaded into dumpster, which will be provided by Church.
Workmanship guaranteed for two years unless manufacturer warranty takes precedence.
Total labor cost                     $6160
Estimated material cost      $5800
Estimated dumpster cost    $800

Stripping off the South side.

Progress on painting/ repairs

Repair to base of column.

As he paints, Roy Riley has repaired what is rotten. Here’s a bit of the base of one of the columns.  The trim around the base of the facade is now replaced and it’s looking almost finished.  Half  the windows are done.  He takes the sash home to work on in the shop.  Soon all the windows will open!!

1910 Moving Scars

When the church was scraped the seam where the church was cut in 1910  to be moved became prominent.

cimg8843It looks as if they cut off the columns at the top to move it also.

Look at line about 6 inches below the capital.

Look at line about 6 inches below the capital.

Some rotten wood was removed for repair revealing that the columns are purely decorative, not actually weight bearing at all.




Front porch repair on Sanctuary

Last week the column with a gap on the front porch was repaired.



Shoring up the porch.

Shoring up the porch.

Check out the columns  next Sunday.

Also, the leak in the flashing where the link joins the sanctuary was repaired.  You can see new shingles from the Ed. building.