A Saturday Afternoon fix

DSCF0006How lucky the church is to have this guy in the neighborhood.  He understands pipes and, with a little felt from the Sunday school room, can stop an annoying rattle when the low G vibrates a large case pipe.DSCF0008Bob Hungerford, our hero.  And Claire Ganz’s super extension step ladder.  Thank you both.

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Local Talent fixes rattle!

Keeping the pipes in order.
Bob Hungerford knows everything!

On a cold February afternoon, Bob Conway, Bob Hungerford and Clark Goff met to try to correct the rattle in  the organ pipes when certain tones were played. Bob Hungerford has worked on  pipes before.

They succeeded in tightening  some of the fastening by which the pipes attach to the pins in the case and that seems to have done the trick.

September 30 Organ Concert

After a beautiful dedication ceremony at morning worship, 7 Island organists showed off the new Russell Pipe Organ.  Stephen and Carole Russell were in the standing room only audience to hear the fabulous sounds.  Phil Dietterich was the morning speaker and the expert member of the Organ Committee.  Chilmark Church is indebted to him for much:  For inspiring us with his words and music, for organizing the wonderful concert, and for composing a beautiful piece of music, “Chilmark Autumn” which he introduced at the afternoon concert.

Sunday, September 30, 2012 at 4 pm


Pipe Organ Primer for Opus 56 Hal Hopson, adapt.
Philip Dietterich
A Ground in G Henry Purcell
Carol Loud
Fantasia in G Minor J.S. Bach
David Rhoderick
Noel X (Grand Jeu et Duo) Louis Claude Daquin
Wesley Brown
Fugue in C Major (from Duet for Organ)    Samuel Wesley
Wesley Brown & Peter Boak

When In Our Music God Is Glorified Hymn No. 68

Three Characteristic Pieces Jean Langlais
1. Pastoral Prelude  2. Interlude  3 Bells
Nancy Rogers
Chilmark Autumn Philip Dietterich
Philip Dietterich
Fugue in G Minor (Little) J.S. Bach
Peter Boak
The Dashing Cavaliers Edmund Braham and E.T.Faull
Garrett Brow

No way to show how wonderful it sounded but here are some photos:


Carole and Steve Russell, Garrett Brown, Nancy Rogers, Peter Boak, Carol Loud, David Rhoderick, Phil Dietterich
Arlene and Lia squeezing in the audience.
Enthusiastic applause


Carole and Stephen Russell, Wesley, Shelly  and Garrett Brown and Peter Boak all graduated from Westminster Choir School.

The Organists: Wesley Brown, Garrett Brown, Nancy Rogers, Carol Loud, David Rhoderick and Phil Dietterich.

July 9-12 Organ Installation Completed

New organ from the porch.

Russell Organ Company, Stephen Russell and his assistant, Larry Nevin, did the final work on the installation.



Bob Conway watches pipes being installed.


Bob Conway watches pipes being installed .

Shaping pipes before installation.

Shaping pipe before installation.

Voicing pipes.


Some of the tools needed.

Larry Nevin placing pipes.

Larry tunes pipes as installed. Stephen Russell at console.


Phil Dietterich and Stephen Russell listen to tone as Larry adjusts pipe.
Bob Conway watched the whole installation when he wasn't buying wire or paint in Vineyard Haven.

One hour till boat reservation…on goes the front panel of the wind chest.

Phil Thursday afternoon, studying the new instrument.  Phil, member of the Organ Committee helped choose the instrument, a reproduction of a Russell organ played during the search.




Chilmark Community Church


8 Principal8 Rohrfloete4 Octave4 Gedeckt2 Super Octave1 1/3 Quint


8 Gedeckt4 Rohrfloete2 2/3 Nasat tc2 Blockfloete1 3/5 Terz tgPEDAL16 Subbass8 Principal8 Gedeckt4 Octave4 Rohrfloete

DERIVATION:Stop # Pipes I II Pedal16 Subbass*-Gedeckt 85 pipes 4 8-2 16*-84 Octave 73 pipes 81 – 81-44 Rohrfloete 49 pipes – 8 -1 1/3 Quint (c1-g54) 54 pipes – 8 -1 3/5 Terz (g20-d51) 32 pipes 4-2 8*-4 -*

1-12 Electronic.1 1-12 Common Bass from Gedeckt 8’ plus Rohrfloete 4’.2 Common bass from Gedeckt 8’.

5 ranks 16 stops 293 pipes 12 tone generators

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The Organ Arrives in Chilmark

It comes in parts and they arrived, all but some last pipes, Tuesday, 12 JUNE!

Russell Organ Company Van from Vermont
Stephen Russell talks to Mayhews and Goffs who stopped in.
Lots to unload.
Bob Conway is there to greet, help and learn.
Starting to place the pipe chamber. Levels and plumb lines.
Stephen Russell's assistant, Steve Charbonneau, has Luce Vineyard Ancestors
View from above of staged parts.
Carrying in parts
Wooden pipes transported in box.

Organ Case construction

This is where the pipes go.

Case Detail

Case Detail

Right side detail

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November 4 Organ progress.

Progress is slow but steady.  We won’t have the organ for quite a while.


The console and bench.



Above, the beginning of the wind chest.


Detail of top Miter.

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Pictures of organ console, pedal board..

Below see completed pedal board and  lower console ready to be finished.  Upper console  in process of being constructed.

Pedal board ready for finishing.


front of lower console

Lower console, built, ready for finish.

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