July 9-12 Organ Installation Completed

New organ from the porch.

Russell Organ Company, Stephen Russell and his assistant, Larry Nevin, did the final work on the installation.



Bob Conway watches pipes being installed.


Bob Conway watches pipes being installed .

Shaping pipes before installation.

Shaping pipe before installation.

Voicing pipes.


Some of the tools needed.

Larry Nevin placing pipes.

Larry tunes pipes as installed. Stephen Russell at console.


Phil Dietterich and Stephen Russell listen to tone as Larry adjusts pipe.
Bob Conway watched the whole installation when he wasn't buying wire or paint in Vineyard Haven.

One hour till boat reservation…on goes the front panel of the wind chest.

Phil Thursday afternoon, studying the new instrument.  Phil, member of the Organ Committee helped choose the instrument, a reproduction of a Russell organ played during the search.




Chilmark Community Church


8 Principal8 Rohrfloete4 Octave4 Gedeckt2 Super Octave1 1/3 Quint


8 Gedeckt4 Rohrfloete2 2/3 Nasat tc2 Blockfloete1 3/5 Terz tgPEDAL16 Subbass8 Principal8 Gedeckt4 Octave4 Rohrfloete

DERIVATION:Stop # Pipes I II Pedal16 Subbass*-Gedeckt 85 pipes 4 8-2 16*-84 Octave 73 pipes 81 – 81-44 Rohrfloete 49 pipes – 8 -1 1/3 Quint (c1-g54) 54 pipes – 8 -1 3/5 Terz (g20-d51) 32 pipes 4-2 8*-4 -*

1-12 Electronic.1 1-12 Common Bass from Gedeckt 8’ plus Rohrfloete 4’.2 Common bass from Gedeckt 8’.

5 ranks 16 stops 293 pipes 12 tone generators