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 Happy New Year vendors. Below is the 2016 vendor info.  The application forms for 2017 will be available in March.  Vendor Manager’s email is

Vendor Registration Application 2016

Chilmark Community Church Flea Market Wednesday & Saturday; June 25 ­ September 3

9:00 AM ­ 2:00 PM

​Mailing Address: 9 Menemsha Crossroad, Chilmark, MA 0253 Name:____________________________________________________________ Address:___________________________________________________________ City:___________________________State:____________Zip:________________ Phone:________________________ Cell____________________________________ Email:_________________________________________________________________

Fee:​$50.00 non refundable application fee, please submit with completed application. Have you been a vendor in the past? _______ If yes, list years: ____________________ Vendor Categories: Please Circle A​LL​items that you will be selling:

Antiques/Furniture Clothing Food Linens Photography Bags/Accessories

Please describe:___________________________________________________________

Please Note: No new Jewelry Vendors accepted for 2016 Season

Jewelry:Type: Be specific: _________________________________________________ Art:Type________________ Other:_________________________________________ I am committing to the following flea dates: _____ Full season ­ 11 SATS ONLY ____Full season 11 SATS/10 WEDS _____ Full season ­ 10 WEDS

___ Other dates________________________________________________________

I have read the Chilmark Flea Market Registration Application and Field Regulations. Vendors operating at the Chilmark Flea Market do so at their own risk.

Signature:________________________________ Date:_________________
office use only:​Date received:________________ App. fee:________________________

Application Fee: T​here is a $ 50.00, n​on­refundable​application fee for each participating vendor. Please include your check and signed registration application, d​ue by May 1,​and
m a i l t o : C​ h i l m a r k C o m m u n i t y C h u r c h ; 9 M e n e m s h a C r o s s r o a d s , C h i l m a r k M A 0 2 5 3 5 . ​

Food Vendors:​Please include a current copy of your Board of Health Certificate Space Availability: F​irst priority in choice of space will be given to returning, full

season vendors,with application and check received on or before May 1, 2016.

Payment: P​ayment of $ 50.00 per 12’ x 30’ space, is due upon arrival at each flea, cash or check. Vendor vehicle is parked in this space for the duration of each flea. One car per vendor please.

Arrival: V​endors may arrive between 7:15 and 8:30 AM to set up. Vendors who arrive past 8:45 AM will not be guaranteed a space. Vendors who arrive after 9:00 AM will not be allowed to enter the field. Once field is in “ motion”, no vehicle may enter or exit field, except in case of emergency.

Sub­Letting:​Please d​o not offer your space to another vendor in your absence. We will have a “first come, first serve” wait list for vendors who are unable to secure a space for the season.

Vendor Wares: NO VENDOR​can claim an E​XCLUSIVE​on the selling of IMPORTED​ITEMS. Please include A​LL​wares that you will be selling,including items you may be selling for others, and are not your own.​This allows us to place vendors, with similar items, accordingly on the field. Failure to do so may result in ejection from the Flea.

Location: T​he Chilmark Flea Market is located at 1​42 North Rd, Chilmark.
This privately owned field is located across from the old schoolhouse and gas pump, between Tabor House Rd, and Tea Lane.

Contact Info: I​f you must be absent, please call 774­563­0016 (Vendor Manager cell) or Email: c​,​at least 48 hours in advance to avoid a fee.
No shows must pay for their vacant spaces.
Weather: P​lease call for day of info ONLY : Annette cell: (774) 563 ­ 0016

Vendor Manager:​Annette Anthony: Cell 774­563­0016
Mailing Address:​Chilmark Church, 9 Menemsha Crossroads, Chilmark MA 02535 Email:​c​hilmarkflea@gmail.​com

Vendors operating at the Chilmark Flea Market do so at their own risk


Sponsored by the CHILMARK COMMUNITY CHURCH 9 Menemsha Crossroads, Chilmark, MA 02535

1. Wares of all vendors must be accepted as suitable for our flea market.
N O V E N D O R c a n c l a i m a n E​X C L U S I V E ​o n t h e s e l l i n g o f I​M P O R T E D ​I T E M S

2. NO SMOKING IS ALLOWED on site. Please ask visitors to put out and carry out smoking materials.

3. Vendors may arrive between 7:15 and 8:30AM to set up. Display on tables or racks which you provide. Large furniture and artifacts may be placed on ground as may rugs. No other items may be laid upon the ground. N​o items can be placed outside of the assigned 12 x 30 foot space. ALL TENTS MUST BE STAKED. Only VENDORS vehicles will be allowed on flea field. One vehicle per vendor please!

4. All Food vendors must supply a copy of current Board of Health certificate. Food vendors shall supply a trash can and pick up and dispose of any refuse.

5. Vendors should NOT bring their pets to flea.

6. Vendors must have payment of $50.00 cash of check, ready for your space rent, upon arrival at flea site.​Please make checks payable to CHILMARK CHURCH . I​f you will need a receipt, other than your check, please let us know at the start of the season.

7. The public is invited between 9:00 AM ­ 2:00 PM. All Vendors must remain on the f i e l d u n t i l ​2 : 0 0 P M . ​ I f b u y e r s a r e s t i l l o n t h e f i e l d , y o u m a y s t a y a s l a t e a s y o u w i s h .

8. Please pick up litter on or near your space before leaving.

9 . I​F Y O U M U S T B E A B S E N T P L E A S E E M A I L : C​h i l m a r k f l e a @ g m a i l . c o m OR CALL 774­563­0016 AT LEAST , 48 HOURS IN ADVANCE TO AVOID A NO SHOW FEE. LESS THAN 48 HOURS NOTICE AND NO SHOWS MUST

PAY FOR THEIR VACANT SPACES! If any questions please see Vendor Manager for assistance.

1 0 . I​n c l e m e n t W e a t h e r : ​W​ e c a n c e l f o r s t o r m y w e a t h e r a n d a l l ­ d a y r a i n .
WE DO NOT CANCEL FOR FOG, LIGHT MIST, OVERCAST OR CLOUDY SKIES. Please call Annette from 6:30 AM, (508) 696 ­ 0947, for info about cancellations.
If we are open and you are absent, w​e will expect payment.​If stormy conditions move in before 12 noon, NECESSITATING CLOSING, all participating vendors will receive credit. Thank you for your time, efforts, energy and cooperation.


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