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Pastor Emeritus Rev. Arlene Bodge

On July 28 Rev. Arlene Bodge was made Pastor Emeritus to the Chilmark Community Church.

Administrative Chair, Ann Deitrich reads the certificate.




For years of service to the Chilmark Community church and to her lord, jesus Christ;

For leading her flock through

good times and hard times;

for planning,supporting and building a community room for christian education and fellowship; for her vision, common sense, kindness, humor, wisdom, preaching and constant love:


Rev. Arlene Bodge

is hereby certified

Pastor Emeritus to

Chilmark Community Church



Phil Dietterich brought song and poetry from Edgartown congregation.

A reception followed in the Fellowship Hall.

Of course the Polar Bears were there to honor their Arlene!

Flea market, Rainy June 29

Grey and foggy , The Flea toughs it out.   Ann and Kathie (and Emily, not shown) were there early to greet the tentative vendors.   Unfortunately, most folded their tents well before noon.   Showers discouraged all but the heartiest shoppers.

Gill, didn’t even need to  put up his sun umbrella until the fog turned to rain.

Thanks to Annette and everyone who helps run the flea market.  Your dedication really shows on a day like this.


MV Times: Blessing of the Fleet”>
Members of Chilmark Community Church hosted the annual Blessing of the Fleet in Menemsha Harbor on Sunday. More Photos [More Photos]

A crowd of around 50 gathered at water’s edge on Menemsha Harbor Sunday morning, for the annual Blessing of The Fleet.

Chilmark Community Church Pastor Seongmoon Ahn, a volunteer pastor at Chilmark Community Church, led the morning service alongside Reverend Arlene Bodge. Church members, children, a few dogs and a group of U.S. Coast Guardsmen shared in a series of hymns and chants before bowing their heads in prayer for safe passage in the season ahead.

“I had a great time with these people. I never expected this many people would be here,” Mr. Ahn, a native of Korea, said. “I really enjoyed it.”

Organist Carol Loud provided a nautical theme for the service with her rendition of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat,” as a group of children organized toy boats in a circle for their own symbolic blessing of the fleet.

Trumpeter Edson Rogers first rehearse the lyrics of “America The Beautiful” with the group. “If you can hear the trumpet, you’re not singing loud enough,” Mr. Rogers said before leading the group in song.

Just as the service was coming to an end, captain Gregory Mayhew of the fishing vessel Unicorn pulled up to the dock in a timely appearance.

The blessing of the fleet is a tradition that began centuries ago in Mediterranean fishing communities. Predominantly held in Catholic regions, a blessing from the local priest was meant to ensure a safe and bountiful season.

2013 Neighborhood Convention

This year Chilmark  hosted Neighborhood Convention with a program at the Yard Dance Residence followed by a service at the church and bag lunch in the Fellowship Hall.  Sophia Anthony read an article from the 1908 Vineyard Gazette which described the Neighborhood Convention held that May in Gay Head.  People arrived by horse and wagon, some traveling 4 hours from Vineyard Haven.  This day it only took 20 minutes from Vineyard Haven and there were Grace Church members and U U members to attest to it.  Also other houses of worship were represented.

David Smith gave opening remarks at the Yard.

Jessie Keller narrated and danced the great program.

Bakers and waitresses, Marilyn Hollishead, Ann Deitrich, Dianne Holt and Pam Goff set up the lunch.

Arlene ran themonthly meeting.

Yard and Plant Sale

Lorna, the organizer, and Marie, the cashier.

Chilmark Chocolates donation. What a gift!

Judy and the Lobster. Getting ready for summer.

Nancy's plants were beautiful.

Marilyn and customer, Wendy, talk plants.

Free advice comes with seedlings and divided perennials.

Church officials check on progress...

May 7 Pizza Night

Over 30 friends tonight.  Glad to have some return from the winter away.

Days are getting longer.  While the older people talked or played Bananagrams, the young enjoyed a warm spring evening.

There was a project (after tag)..

It had to do with grass and rocks…

And it was peaceful.