Ghana Update

GHANA UPDATE FALL , October 2012

Dear Friends- Carol and I want to share with you what is happening in our continuing “Mission to Ghana”. Recently, we returned after several weeks in Ghana. Suzanne Monnon joined us from Ontario Canada. We worshipped in Kpenoe, Takla, at Mawuko Girls School, Takla Tokor, attended a wedding, a funeral, memorial service, and joined in the celebration of the Asogoli State Yam Festival and worked in four schools.

We visited a Senior Center and joined in a country-wide Senior Citizen Durbar as part of United Nations World Day of Ageing Celebration. We bought and delivered a sewing machine to the Regional Leprosarium: 100 kilos of rice, 2 gallons of cooking oil, bananas, and coconuts insuring that those “cured lepers” will have food, while receiving on-going care and treatment. We also gave them funds, for sewing business start-up and sewing supplies.

On our latest visit we also accomplished the following:

1. Delivered $7,500 to complete and help furnish, Dr. Robert Everson Memorial Library at Mawuko Girls School, serving 1800 students and set aside $2660 per wishes of donors for helping stock library shelves.

2. EP Church Scholarship Funds through the National Church Headquarters, as well as office supplies and funds for headquarters ‘ administration.

3. Gave money and/or educational materials to Ho Heve, Takla Primary School, Ho Dome, Elmina Iturae, Tsito Primary School, Ho Kpodzi JSS, Mawuli Senior Secondary, Royal Praise Academy, Rising Star Academy, Ho Bankoe, Dzogbefeme, Alavanyo Wudidi and Volta Regional Museum. We gave mathematical kits and locally made drawing boards with T-squares to Takla JSS and Mawuli JSS.

4. Funds and supplies distributed to Womens’ Activity Center (Training for women to be employable)

5. Purchased goods from carvers, jewelry makers, seamstresses, bead makers, micro- businesses, weavers and shop keepers for resale to fund future projects.

7. Funds and materials through Roman Catholic Diocese of Ho for education.

8. Items of Clothing to Rural Clinics, widows and orphans of EP Churches in Takla, Taviefe, and Senior Centers.

9. Distributed funds to Ho Farms Extension Service for livestock inoculations and registration.

10. Eyeglasses and funds given to Shepherd Center for the Ageing and through EP Headquarters.

11. Medical Supplies delivered to Volta Regional Hospital and paid for a post-operative surgery stay for Doris.

12. Met with the leaders of Dzogbefeme and the Ho Rotary Club and connected them to Rotary International Clubs in Connecticut, and South Florida as they seek safe water.

13. Met with church leaders in Wegbe Kpalime and donated clothes for widows and orphans, and funds for their 100th Anniversary Celebration.

14. Provided scholarship help for Patricia, Zekina, and Bridget (Primary school). Irene (Junior High), Manuela, Esinam, (Senior High), Edem and Rita ( University).

15. Met with the Takla Community and was installed as Development Chief of the village. Convened the initial organizational meeting of “Dry Season Vegetable Growers Cooperative”, a new development project in Takla.

Thanks to all who contributed, and prayed for us and continue to support our work in and through the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana, our United Church of Christ Global Mission Partner. Plans call for us to return to Ghana with a group September 16, 2013- October 2, 2013.

In His Service – David and Carol Christensen

Ministries in Ghana”






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