Last Fall Community Supper: Italian Night

Thanks to Janet and Tom for a great meal!
Julie deserves more after driving the pizzas for two months.
Happy diners.
And there was desert. It looks like Judy’s famous cream puffs were on the menu and a fresh baked cake.
Then there were some friendly Bananagram tables.
And some real concentration….

Looking forward to more community suppers after the holidays.

2022 Crop Walk

Great day for the Crop Walk. Friends old and new.
Lovely music rewards walkers by Molly and Mark
Chilmark Church volunteers signed in walkers.
Steve Broderick built the great start/finish arch. Emily managed the celebrations (as well as the church’s collection.
Chilmark was there with enthusiasm.

August crew and visitor

Congressman Bill Keating and his wife stopped to buy lobster at the Wed. Pop-Up
Did we mention that some fabulous cookies are for sale with Lobster?
3 generations of Mayhews helping Tuesday night
Faithful clean-up crew!!!

Lobster Rolls

August 3 The troops carry on! Wonderful workers. Rolls to Go for sale Tuesdays 4:30-6:30 on patio behind church.

Connie returns! with Sarah and Ann Noyes
Hal Noyes getting ready to bad the orders
Brian supervising and Kathie in the kitchen.
Corrie, Judy, Sarah and Ted ready to serve you.
Thanks to all the lobster fans who help support our church!

Preparing Church table greens

Getting ready for the “pop-up Christmas Flea at the church”.

After picking greens at the Ganz house, the elves assemble.

Claire, Kathy, Kathie, Marie, Judy, Rolindo, Carolyn, Emily

concentration…Christmas music provided by Marie.
Finished product!!
And then there is clean up…Thank you Claire and Kathy.