Ghana Update Spring 2012


Dear Friends- Carol and I want to share with you what is happening in our continuing “Mission to Ghana”. Recently, we returned after several weeks in Ghana as part of a time when we dedicated the Dr. Robert D. Everson Memorial Library at the Mawuko Girls Secondary School, Ho,  I memory of David’s cousin, who had spent time at that school in 2006. Also part of our group was Willa Everson, Bob’s widow, and David and Carol’s son, Eric Christensen. We worshipped in Kpenoe, Takla, and at Mawuko Girls School and worked In six schools.

Through a partnership with the local communities, the church, Rotary International Water Projects, and USAID, in 2011, 114 Water and Sanitation Projects were completed for over 250,000 people, including Takla Gbogame, where we visited and celebrated the new water system and its seven stand-pipes.  This culminated a three year process and cost $5 million, and involved hours of local communal labor and training for a local water and sanitation committee.

Delivered to the Regional Leprosarium: 100 kilos of rice, 2 gallons of cooking oil, boxes of fish, spaghetti sauce, soap and a  water catching  tarp to be used with special attachment for cisterns, insuring that those “cured lepers” will have food, while receiving on-going care and treatment.   On our latest visit we accomplished the following:

1.  EP Church Scholarship Funds through the National Church Headquarters

2. Supply Packet for every Mawuli Junior High teacher.

3. Educational materials and First Aid kits to 8 primary / junior high schools

4. Supplies distributed to Womens’ Activity Center (Training for women to be employable)

5. Purchased goods from carvers, jewelry makers, seamstresses, bead makers, micro-     businesses, weavers and senior centers.

6, School Fees for Ho Heve Primary School (Miami Everglades Can recycles) plus one scholarship

7, Funds through Roman Catholic Diocese of Ho for Education

8.  Items of Clothing for Rural Clinics, widows and orphans in Takla and Kpenoe

9. Distributed funds to Ho Farms Extension Service

10. Eyeglasses and funds given to Shepherd Center for the Ageing

11. Medical Supplies delivered to Volta Regional Hospital

12. Visited and gave First Aid kits to 4 Creches (pre-schools) Gave funds and educational materials to 2 needy Creches

13. Scholarship for Junior High Student from Elmina Itura

14. Placed orders for drawing boards, T-squares and math kits for Mawuli Junior High, Takla JHS, to be delivered in time for Fall Term.

15.  Grant to an adult to enable him to attend the Africa Peace Building Institute, In Nairobii

16. Funds distributed for furnishings, books and supplies for Mawuko Girls’ School Library

17. Explored possible venues for September group trip to work and serve

18. Met with the leaders of Dzogbefeme and contributed to their water project fund and connected them to Rotary International

Thanks to all who contributed, prayed for us and continue to support our work in and through the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana, our United Church of Christ Global Mission Partner. Plans call for us to return to Ghana with a group September 17, 2012

In His Service – David and Carol Christensen

“Ministries in Ghana”

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