Prayers from February 20, 2011

Epiphany Seven

O God of eternal light, we come into your presence because you have illumined the paths of our searching.  Accept us and meet us now, as faithful yet still seeking sojourners who must, this day, find sustenance for our journey.  Lead us into a fuller recognition of your Spirit which forever goes before us, leading us into the possibility of making real your reign on earth.

We come to this time of prayer with thanksgiving in our hearts and with praise on our lips.  We rejoice for you have made us glad.  We thank you for our mountain top times.  Holy one deliver us from all the fear that comes when transformation is at hand.  All forgiving God, we pray for all the peoples, nations and races of the world; we pray for those who govern and have authority over us; we pray for justice and for peace; we pray for our community, our friends and our families. We pray for those in need of healing.  We pray for those who are stuck in the valleys of life with no view of your splendor or your grace.  We thank you that renewal comes when we seek you and when we search for your light…Shine on us so we might let ourselves be the people who bring your light to the world.  In Jesus’ name, AMEN

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