Category: Bible Study

  • Christianity’s Struggle for New Beginnings: The Rebirthing of God

    Lent 2017.  We’ll be reading this book by John Philip Newell and pick it up again after Easter.  All Welcome to discussions whether you’ve read the text or not.

  • Thoughts for Sunday, the 4th

    A TIME TO BLESS The first verse of Chapter 3 of Ecclesiastes declares: “To every thing there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven.” David Spangler asks: When is the time to bless? (p. 79) For reflection: Think about all the times you encounter some form of blessing ie public occasions,…

  • The Blessing Way : Study group

    THE BLESSING WAY Adult Bible Study and Discussion Chilmark Community Church Autumn 2016 BEGINNING ON SUNDAY NOVEMBER 27 FOR 3-4 WEEKS In spiritual communities here and there around the country the idea of “blessing” is coming into the foreground. More and more books are appearing on the theme. Some writers simply lift up the possibility…