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  • Claire shows off Sunday School Vase at pizza night.

    Claire shows off Sunday School Vase at pizza night.

    The vase is on its way to Featherstone Center for the Arts sale. The kids made it Sunday and will decide how to responsibly use any money earned.

  • Vicky Hanjian’s Sermon April 14, 2024

    Vicky Hanjian’s Sermon April 14, 2024

    “A Recognition Event”Chilmark ChurchApril 14, 2024Hosea 6:1-3Luke 24:36 – 49 We pick up the Easter story just after the folks who met Jesus on the road to Emmaus have shared their “heart-burning” experience of recognizing Jesus in the sharing of bread.  The word “recognize” is interesting: to know someone or something because you have seen…

  • Birthday Tea Party

    Birthday Tea Party

    Feb 3rd, 3 mothers and grandmothers rented the Fellowship Hall for 3 ,7yr old girls’ joint birthday party. The photos speak for themselves. The hall underwent a complete transformation but when they departed, you’d never know they had been there. Perfect guests. Stage getting set. The girls get seated. Before and after. THAT’S A TEA…

  • Third Offering of Music and Light.

    Third Offering of Music and Light.

    The last for the season OFFERING OF MUSIC AND LIGHT WAS FEBRUARY 4. Mark and Molly performed and then, after the supper reception that Claire prepared, they broadcast their show “Songs from the Sea”. Dan read some wonderful poems and sang and played two original songs. After all the entertainment ended food was served. A…

  • Christmas Eve

    Christmas Eve

    Lovely service. Community friends gathered at 5 for 8 lessons and carols. Some musicians cancelled at the last minute because of illness so we didn’t get the Bach on cello but Sean MacMahon sang his heart out on ‘Mary Did You Know? filling the sanctuary with sound” to open the service. Mary McConneloug sang a…

  • Christmas Flea

    Christmas Flea

    It was a good day, nice vendors, happy customers and Fun Church table. Sarah and Ann, decked out for the holly. So many beautiful helpers!

  • Make 2, Keep 1

    Make 2, Keep 1

    Thursday December 14…Raw materials were stacked on the floor.. Then the elves came and assembled the pieces… They made over 40 center pieces and a number of green swags. They will be on sale at the Christmas Flea Market at the Community Center on Saturday, the 16th.

  • Offerings of Music and Light December 3rd

    Offerings of Music and Light December 3rd

    It was a wonderful evening! The performances were amazing! Material had strong island flavor. Below are a few photos..waiting for more of the great line up. Chris Carroll and the Biskis family. Missis Biskis sang 2 fabulous numbers. Sean MacMahon sang an original of his and one of owner of Moca Motts. Not shown..Molly Conole…

  • Thanksgiving table Nov 19

    Thanksgiving table Nov 19