Sunday School Creation at Featherstone

The Sunday School spring project was entered into the Featherstone Center’s THE ART OF FLOWERS and will be exhibited from May 5-26th 2024. The piece’s name is Sunday Morning Patchwork from Menemsha Crossroad and signed by Claire, Andy, Valentina, Georgiana, Clayton, Alexander, Callum, Jude, Tasher and Isla. The piece’s medium is recycled glass vase, tissue paper, glue, food coloring and ink and will be displayed with a bouquet of fresh Chilmark flowers.

Claire wrote on her Facebook page:

“Sunday Morning Patchwork from Menemsha Crossroads by the Chilmark Community Church Sunday School. I am so proud of them and grateful to their parents. We are a young class ages not yet two to six and we enjoy stories, kinetic art, and games. …The idea was to involve the children in supporting an island wide organization by participating and making something that can raise money for others, support their interests and give them recognition. 1/2 of what they raise they will give away and 1/2 they will decide on something for the class.”