April 18, 2021

to Chilmark Community Church on this third Sunday
of the resurrection season. We pray you will come to know the
risen presence of Christ Jesus our Lord as you worship with us.
The Gospel reading for the day is from St. Luke and has
interesting comments on the spiritual and emotional state of
the disciples. Notice how the Rev. Steve Garnaas-Holmes
comments capture the Easter Joy and Disbelief of the Disciples
in his poem:
“ In their joy they were disbelieving and still wondering …
( Luke 24.41) God, it’s all here at once, joy and disbelieving, dullness and wonder. Let my joy flower, my disbelieving keep on wondering. Give me the faith to watch in amazement, to finally know what I know, to rejoice before I understand. Wonder, lead me where I wouldn’t go without you. O soul, drag me into the dance, guided in your arms, looking into my
Savior’s eyes, without even knowing it. (Steve Garnaas-Holmes,
Unfolding Light, www.unfoldinglight.net)
I like the phrase, “In their [Resurrection] Joy they were disbelieving and still wondering…” What are some of the everyday things in our life that bring us joy, yet we cannot understand them although we know them to be true? So we stand in joyous amazement, wondering, what is this event we Christians call ‘resurrection’? This is truly how God’s grace works! It is all too good to be true! WOW! Is there JOY, HOLY DISBELIEVING AND WONDERING?
Ernest Belisle (Pastor)


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