Welcome, March 21, 2021

Welcome to our worship service here at ChilmarkCommunity Church. We are happy God has led you to this place of worship today!
Today we are considering the theme:   Journeying to theHoly: An Evolving Relationship.
The reading from the Hebrew Scripture shows how God constantly revealed
God’s self to God’s people. Each time there is always some more and/or something new God makes known. Looking at a few of the more important Jews in covenants one will see
that God made covenants with Noah, Abraham, Moses,Joshua and Jeremiah. Each was made in its own unique context and addressed the issue(s) of the time. Each called God’s people to a new and closer relationship with God. By the time we reach the New Testament we are called to make our covenant in and through the Godman, Jesus the Christ, the one who walked and talked with us and who died and rose for our salvation. Each time we are called to a closer walk with God, a relationship in which we are in God and God is in us. Faith in God is dynamic process, sometimes going forward and sometimes stepping back to go forward again!
What about you and me? What are our God experiences? Where are we on this faith journey?
Praying each day for new strength to walk this road of life,I am, your brother and fellow sojourner in Christ,
Ernest Belisle (Pastor)

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