March 7 Worship welcome

In our reading from the Gospel, we are told that Jesus drove
out those who were buying and selling and changing money
in the temple’s court. The Jewish leaders who had authorized
this business were making enormous profits. They were so
much after the money that they had become spiritually
depraved and were missing the holiness of the sacred space.
When this happens it is sometimes hard to see “the errors of
our ways” because all we see are dollars signs, $$$.
   Steve Garnaas -Holmes in his prayer based on Psalm 19, dated March 2, 2015, writes: “ Who can discern their errors? Free me from my hidden faults. — Psalm 19.2  God , I do not even know the ways I distance myself from you, the wonders I pass by without noticing, the glories I sleep through. I can’t suspect the ways I hurt you, fall short of your desire for me, fail to be who you want me to be! I believe the little lies I tell myself; I bow to my secret fears! I don’t even know what it would be to love as I have been loved! I miss the hurt I cause more often than I notice! How often I think I’m doing the right thing! Forgive me, for I do not know what I am doing. Forgive me for not knowing. Forgive my hidden sins , O my God.
Wake me up. Don’t let me think I have such a small inheritance: let me see — let it overwhelm me — just how immense is the forgiveness I need, and the mercy you offer. O God, your love I receive without even knowing why! Forgive me , O God, and open my eyes to see you as you are!
May God in Christ help us all to see the “errors of our ways.”
As we travel along life’s journey, help us to see and recognize the “HOLINESS OF THE SACRED.”
Ernest Belisle (Pastor)


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