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The Organ Arrives in Chilmark

It comes in parts and they arrived, all but some last pipes, Tuesday, 12 JUNE!

Russell Organ Company Van from Vermont

Stephen Russell talks to Mayhews and Goffs who stopped in.

Lots to unload.

Bob Conway is there to greet, help and learn.

Starting to place the pipe chamber. Levels and plumb lines.

Stephen Russell's assistant, Steve Charbonneau, has Luce Vineyard Ancestors

View from above of staged parts.

Carrying in parts

Wooden pipes transported in box.

Community Corrections

Saturday, February 11:  If you got near to the Fellowship Hall you’d hear rock music playing and smell sausage or bacon and paint fumes in the air.  Brian Kennedy and his crew of eight painters were in action.  After a community breakfast, the Community Correction crew will be finishing the main room today and have the blue tape down and the switch plates back on.

( The foggy exposure is not smoke but a cold camera lens.  )

When thanked for this energy and work, Brian replied that they all appreciated our prayers.  Lets keep Brian, his wife Susan, and all those he works with in prayer.

Christmas Eve


Sandra Bittermann Atwood tuning harp in church Saturday morning before the furnace went out.

The harp was retuned in the cold later before the furnace decided to work and the congregation arrived at 5:30.  Musicians warmed their hands as best they could and made wonderful music for the candle light service.  Thanks to Sandy, Carol Loud and Helen Stratford.