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Prayers From the Ark

Below is one of the 7 prayers by Carmen Bernos De Gaszold that were part of a beautiful performance at the Chilmark Community Church on Feb. 27.  After each prayer, the musicians,  Phil Dietterich, Martha Child, Barbara Lopes and Dorian Lopes, played and sang a musical response. The voices and harmonies were wonderful.  The animals, typically define their characters and their limitations and imperfections when held in God’s view.  The peacock prayed to be as beautiful inside as out.  The lion is not so sensitive.


Lord, I am King.  That is the law.
You know what it means to wear a nimbus.
Some people think they can rule by love.
How naive!
I know how to govern your creatures:  Strength is all they respect.
Let us say that fear is wholesome,
Besides, I delight in making the whole plain tremble with one roar.
Yes, far be it from me to do anything paltry or low:
I know the cost of a noble heart.
That is why, Lord, I so love your glory, and strive to attain it.  Amen.

(photograph to follow)

CPR etc on Jan 22

Free class for CPR and other first aid.  So many changes.  We learned a lot. Peter Tennant, Oak Bluffs E.M.T. , was  instructor.  Did you know “A. B. C.” “Airway  Breathing Circulation”  is now CAB,  Circulation, Airway,  Breathing.?

img_0300Not shown are the dummies, adult and infant used for practice.

Taking a break.

Taking a break.