The pastor and members of Chilmark Community
Church of Mather’s Vineyard , Massachusetts,
welcome you to today’s worship service. Thanks for
listening to God’ call to come and worship with us
Today’s Gospel Reading tells of Jesus’ call of his first
disciples. It is the beginning of Jesus’ public
ministry. Jesus did what every other Rabbi in his day
did: he called disciples. Our reading prompt
s us to remember that even today, for those promoting any
teaching, church or ideology to succeed, it needs men and women who are dedicated and committed to its cause. During the course of the last twenty years, we have seen Al Qaeda
, ISIS and many other radical groups follow this principle.
The question for us is: how can we create communities of peace, compassion and good will like the “Beloved Community” as Martin Luther King Jr. envision? As we inaugurate a new President, we need to ask ourselves, how can we strive to work together heal the many divisions on our country?
May Almighty God guide and keep us!
Ernest Belisle ,

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