Rolling Ridge Tuesday Meditation


The daffodils have begun to bloom at Rolling Ridge.  Spring has sprung.  And while the sounds of birds now fill the air, the house and grounds are quiet as we like everyone else wait for the good news that the darkness of COVID-19 has passed and our doors can open again.  During these times of uncertainty and waiting, it can be hard to be present and thankful for what is as we long for what is yet to come.

In this week’s “Take Your Time Tuesday” video, John Kiemele offers us the spiritual practice of Embodied Gratefulness to help us live into the now and to celebrate the blessings of God in this present moment.  When we begin to feel gratitude through the fullness of our body, we wake up to the Divine Presence of God in and around us now.  We encourage you to slow down, click the link or the image below for the video, and take time for yourself to be centered in God and to be thankful.  May this practice become part of your daily spiritual routine so you do not grow weary and lose hope.

connects to a meditation on Embodied Gratefulness.

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