December 9 and 10, WOW

1-dscf0015Friday evening.  Making centerpieces for the Holiday Flea Market.

2-dscf0009Kim inspires!

3-dscf0017Meanwhile Julie and Jen were busy in the Sanctuary decorating for Christmas.

DECEMBER 10..Ready and Waiting for lunch customers.

1-dscf0019In the lunch room….

4-dscf0024And then the orchestra started playing!!  What a job Annette, Katy and Kathy did organizing the day!  They set the course, steered the ship and put their oars in when needed..A great team effort!

7-dscf0026Claire and Angie sell a centerpiece.

5-dscf0023The church at rest.  All decorated.  Wreaths hung by Ann.

6-dscf0028It’s Advent and we’re getting prepared.  Now, all take a breath and, as Arlene used to say,  “O, Holy Babe of Bethlehem,  Come, take birth in our hearts.”

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