Easter 2013

After an Easter Vigil Saturday night, with wonderful music by the Chilmark Church band ( Eunji on cello, Emily on violin, Carol on recorder and Seongmoon on guitar, Irene on violin and Bette on harmonica were away or sat out this performance), we celebrated Easter with special music by Sandy Bittermann Atwood.

Sandra Bittermann Atwood


Emily Broderick gave a rousing Children’s sermon complete with an empty box gift wrapped and shocking empty eggs that the kids waited to open together.  Their surprise was quickly moderated by some eggs with candy in them.  But they really “got” the empty tomb.

Below:  Easter Egg hunt after church.

The chief gave the little kids a head start.

Big kids off and running.

baskets full


The Empty tomb is followed by full baskets.  A good morning!

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