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Arlene Bodge preached April 27

photo 1Arlene brought her wonderful friends with her.  Jim Thomas sang an uplifting rendition of  “There is a Balm in Gilead” .  Susan Klein gave the children’s sermon which the adult congregation found riveting.  It involved two farmers and a lost calf and a stream and a fence, an itinerant carpenter who just happened to be a peace maker and a bridge.

Arlene’s preaching was lively and timely as usual.  We’re not to doubt our ability to carry on with our church mission.  Doubt is not the opposite of faith but  fear is, she reminded us.


2014 Easter

After  simple Good Friday and Saturday 30 minute services, Easter Sunday was grand.  Sandra Bitterman’s harp gave glorious luster to the service.


The kids made “resurrection muffins”.  They heard a lot about the empty tomb.

3-DSCF00082-DSCF0011See the empty center of the “Resurrection Muffin”?

Kimchi Cooking Class 02/13/2014

Kimchi Cooking class…

It was a great night to introduce 11 neighbors and church members about Kimchi which is a Korean traditional fermented side dish.

Every one had a chance to make and taste it by themselves. And they took the Kimchi that they made home.

Thanks to God for the beautiful night sharing Kimchi with our neighbors.


Centerpieces for the Christmas Flea

A good group met for making centerpieces for the Church table at the Flea.

Katie, Emily and Kathie looking over the options.

Studying the materials.

Laurie and Jen were at it early.  Lucky for us Jen remembered how it was done last year.

Susan studies the “master”.

Building up the shape.

Saturday, the 14th

Finished product.

Don and Laurie man the church table at the Flea.  Again, Kim had it all organized for us.

Ann Checks the first shift.

She had so many “fires to put out” opening hours.  Frig. & furnace not functioning.  Sorting vendors.  What an enterprise!  Thanks, Ann.

The vendors set up.

Rodney B. got the heat going.  The people came.

Judy and Kathy and Ted setting up kitchen for lobster rolls and clam chowder.

Grand Finale for 2013 “Pizza Nights”

November 26 was the last Pizza night for 2013.   The Ruimerman family, especially Tom, made spaghetti, ziti and lasagna.  It was fabulous.

Folks lined up around the block.

Margaret made a beautiful salad.  Kathie C. garlic bread.  Judy M.  a long tray of cream puffs.

And there were Chilmark Chocolates by Mary Beth and friends.

Julie and Janet keeping Tom company in kitchen.


October Work Day

The gutters got cleaned (thanks to Don, Clark, Tim and Genc).  The kitchen reorganized(Ann D.and Genc)!  Summer fans put in attic(Seongmoon).  Storm windows on Parsonage closed.

And, see below, the dead dogwood stump was dug out and the bed all weeded.


In the end, Genc got out the metal basket that had protected the root of the tree when it was young.  A very big project!

Bob Conway came just to be sure that the pesky Russian Olive got chopped.

Some Japanese knotweed got dealt with but not all.  A good, productive hour.

Michael Gilman, singer song writer

Mike Gilman from Aquinnah Baptist Church was our guest of honor as we celebrated Labor Day weekend at Chilmark  Community Church.

Mike sang his original songs “Why Did Jesus walk on Water?”  and “I’m having supper at the Lord’s Feast tonight”.  His father, George Gilman, is a summer member of our congregation.

We’re hoping Mike will return this winter for those of you who missed him.

Summer is winding down. We thanked Ann Deitrich for her labor running the Flea Market which ended yesterday.  We had 10 kids in Sunday School with summer friends lingering and back to school kids returning.

We said goodbye to all the kids from Shirley, MA.

And goodbye to Noah, visiting his grand parents, Connie and Preston:


We had a lot to celebrate this morning with Ted Mayhew back with us. We’re keeping him in our prayers.  Just 2 or 3 Lobster Roll Tuesdays to go.