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February 14../17 Tuesday Supper

IMG_1082Everyone had plenty and looks what’s left…Shepherd’s pie, peppers and sausage, frittata,   American chop suey, chili bean soup with roasted kernels of corn, salad, bread.. Desert was Valentine fluff( cherries and whipped cream and pineapple) and undercooked brownies, ice cream and home made sugar cookies.

Bananagrams after supper.  Good company.

December 9 and 10, WOW

1-dscf0015Friday evening.  Making centerpieces for the Holiday Flea Market.

2-dscf0009Kim inspires!

3-dscf0017Meanwhile Julie and Jen were busy in the Sanctuary decorating for Christmas.

DECEMBER 10..Ready and Waiting for lunch customers.

1-dscf0019In the lunch room….

4-dscf0024And then the orchestra started playing!!  What a job Annette, Katy and Kathy did organizing the day!  They set the course, steered the ship and put their oars in when needed..A great team effort!

7-dscf0026Claire and Angie sell a centerpiece.

5-dscf0023The church at rest.  All decorated.  Wreaths hung by Ann.

6-dscf0028It’s Advent and we’re getting prepared.  Now, all take a breath and, as Arlene used to say,  “O, Holy Babe of Bethlehem,  Come, take birth in our hearts.”

Lia and Friends Sept.11,2016

2016-lkf-photoWhat a fabulous concert!  Pictured in front of the church, left to right, Armen Hanjian (musical saw), Lia Kahler (mezzo- soprano),  Phil Dietterich (organ) and Richard  Gordon  (piano).  Photo by Lynn Cristoffers

The concert and silent auction before it raised almost $10,000 for the Food Pantry and the All Island Clergy winter homeless shelter program.

Children’s Fair 2016

A Perfect Morning!

DSCF0001Pony Rides are the favorite.

DSCF0004DSCF0003      DSCF0002Thank you Bob and Irene, Bella, Fran and Julie.

DSCF0016The Bounce House is great too.

DSCF0022DSCF0009Peter did snakes on arms and stars on faces.  Everyone was happy.


DSCF0012Little ones liked to dip for ducks.DSCF0024DSCF0023DSCF0020Cup Cakes to custom decorate…

DSCF0019DSCF0021Kim kept the cupcakes coming and the frosting chilled.

DSCF0018Lindsey and Dillon kept her company.

DSCF0017Cupcake helpers.

DSCF0010A chance to practice his swing.

DSCF0015She Did It!  Caught the fish with the magnet.

Blessing the Fleet Memorial Day Sunday

Photographs by Susan Heilbron._DSC3141

Tony Peak calls Menemsha to worship.


Coast Guard Station Menemsha  was represented.


Carol Loud played the old portable key board among the coffee pots.


Andy Goldman attentive from his electric car.


Judy and a lot of others enjoyed the morning.


Fresh from Fla.


Rev. Armen Hanjian


Rev.Vicky Hanjian on God calming the waters.






Blessing the boats by name.


_DSC3190_DSC3170_DSC3176_DSC3173Singing and praying together by the harbor.