April 15 Newsletter

Chilmark Community Church

We’re just about at the end of our first quarter since we’ve had Arlene as Pastor.  We have been blessed, indeed, with all she brings to our church family, her love, candor, energy and affability.  This is just to touch base with all of you to be sure you’re “in the loop”.

SAVE THESE DATES (Can also be viewed on Calendar Page of  www.Chilmarkchurch.org.)
Tuesdays at 6 in April and May..Pizza Nights.  Fun for all ages.

Thursdays at 5  Prayer Service at Church.

May 4 at 10:45 Neighborhood Convention at The Good Shepherd Parish
Center in OB(old OB school).  MJ Bruder Munafo on “God the unseen character”.

May 8 or 15            Church Spring Clean up:  Join Community Corrections to do yard,  flower beds, windows, etc.

May 29, 9-1 Chilmark Church Yard and Plant Sale.  Arlene already has collected lots of furniture and china.  Nancy Cabot has started fabulous seedlings.  Ethel Sherman will make jams. Contact a member of the Fund Raising Committee to help:  Judy Mayhew, Kathie Carroll, Betty Savage,  Katy Upson, Ann Deitrich.

May 30 11:30  Blessing of the Fleet at Dutcher Dock , Menemsha.

June 1 at 10:45  HELP!  Neighborhood Convention in Chilmark.  Program is “Behind the Scenes” at the Yard. Meeting and worship follows in our Sanctuary .  Then we are responsible for drinks, table settings, and deserts for the gathered, usually about 40 or 50.

June 15 Lobster Roll Dinners to Go begins!  Every Tues from 4:30-7.  Call Judy Mayhew if you can help.

June 19, 10-12 Children’s Fair on Church lawn. Contact an Outreach Committee member to help: Kim Cottrill, Fran Flanders, Marilyn Hollinshead, Julie Flanders, Ann Deitrich, Lia Kahler, Judi Worthington.

June 30 Wed, first Flea Market of season.  Renting the wonderful meadow on N. Road from Pat and Joan Jenkinson again. Please sign up later to help with church table etc.


The steeple repairs are just about finished.  Check the web site for pictures  of  the work.  Bids are in for painting the sanctuary.  The Trustees will be hiring the painter, (repairs to plaster also) in the coming days.  Bob Hungerford will be starting work on the Bell after he finishes jury duty. All these jobs involve more than meets the eye and thanks to the Trustees for slogging through the details.  The Yard is renting the parsonage for the whole summer.  Thanks to Flanders Realestate for negotiating the lease etc.

The Worship Committee reports that the idea behind the Thursday Prayer Service is to give a little more time to those who need our prayers, as well as to enrich our own prayer lives.  We also hope that some folks who can’t come on Sunday might try us on a week day. Initially, it will be a service with mostly silent prayer and one or two simple songs.  It will last under a half hour.

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