May 24

Order of Worship May 24, 2009

Prelude:   Sinfonia #10 J.S.Bach

Gathering and Announcements

Introit:  The Enchanted Garden by Robert Volkman

Call to Worship
Leader: “I was glad when they said to me, ‘Let us go to the house of the Lord!”
People: There is a feeling of life and wholeness here that we need for living.
Leader: There is a celebration of Christ’s presence here that renews our spirits.
People: Let us rejoice in Christ’s presence and sing the glories of his name!

*Hymn     185    When Morning Gilds the Skies


Unison Call to Reconciliation
Jesus entered into the heart of despair to challenge and defeat the powers of evil that sought the destruction of life. But Christ did so by acknowledging their reality, calling them by name, and taking them under his command. We too are called on to name the evils that continue to claw at us, to snare, and topple us. They are defeated when we name them, admit the contribution that we ourselves make to their success, and then seek to reconcile our lives anew—with both words and deeds. Let us admit how things are with us, as we seek God’s forgiveness. Spirit of Truth, open our hearts and our minds, forgive us, and abide in us as we continue our journey to find life anew with you. Amen.

Silent, Personal Confession

Words of Assurance

Proclamation and Praise

Psalm 139:1-18

Hebrew Scripture Reading
Isaiah 61:1-4

Christian Scripture Reading
Luke 13:10-17

Response to the Word
We give thanks, O God of our sacred stories, for the witness of our Holy Scriptures. Through them, you nurture our imaginations, touch our feelings, increase our awareness, and challenge us. Grant that by your Spirit, we may be hearers and doers of your Word. Amen.

Sermon     “Ought Not This Woman”  ,Susan Thomas

*Hymn    402    Lord, I Want to Be a Christian

Concerns and Prayers

Prayers of the People
Silent Prayer
Lord’s Prayer

*Offering   P.95

Prayer of Dedication

*Hymn    334    There’s a Sweet, Sweet Spirit

Leader: When the way is long—
People:  Let us go together.
Leader: When the way is difficult—
People:  Let us help each other.
Leader: When the way is joyful—
People:  Let us share in it.
Leader: The way is open before us, let us go—
ALL:    With the love of God, the grace of Christ, and the leading of the Spirit of all Life. Amen.

Postlude:  Adagio by Corelli
* Stand if you are able
Guest Preacher  Susan Thomas
Organist  Carol Loud

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